Wellbeing at LHS

Welcome to the Llanishen High School Wellbeing centre.

What is the Llanishen High School Wellbeing centre? 

Here at Llanishen High School, we want all children and young people to be able to feel safe, happy and cared for to ensure that they thrive. Our wellbeing centre provides a range of services that work together to meet the needs of any pupil for whom emotional, social and mental health support is needed.

We have a suite of rooms that offer quiet spaces for pupils to take time during the day. We also run internal and external interventions from the centre, such as:

  • The school mentoring scheme
  • ELSA support
  • Counselling services
  • On-site work with the CAMHs Primary mental health In-Reach team
  • School Nurse Referrals
  • Talk About
  • Youth Mentor
  • Support work from the SHOT team
  • Support for members of our community who are Children Looked After in Education and Young Carers.
  • And many other external agencies and support services.

We work closely with Social Services and Cardiff Safeguarding Team to create a safe and happy environment for all our pupils.

We offer bespoke support for everyone depending on the need. Pupils may make self-referrals, or a referral may be made by members of staff or parents.

During the Day  

Our centre opens at 7.30 and is a quiet and welcoming space for pupils to come and have a morning-check in with our staff or socialise with one another before the day starts.

During the day, pupils may come to the wellbeing centre for support if they are not feeling themselves, need to talk to someone or need a quiet space. We check in with any pupils that drop in and support may be offered instantly, or we may arrange a time for the pupil to receive further support on a case-by-case basis.

We are open as an alternative socialisation space at breaktime and lunchtimes, allowing pupils access to a calm environment during these periods.

After school, staff are in the centre until 3.30.