Welcome To The LHS History Department


History is the map of the human past and a means of finding truths through the study of evidence.

Why History?

  • History creates highly knowledgeable and literate students able to process information.
  • History helps us to understand humanity: how we interact, what motivates us, our capabilities.
  • History helps us to develop a sense of identity, to understand our personal heritage and locality in which we live (cynefin).
  • History helps us learn about the world, its societies and cultures, and gain a perspective on the present.
  • History helps us to identify truth from propaganda, misinformation, and dishonesty.
  • History trains us to construct, support and challenge arguments.
  • History is recognised by all UK and global universities as a worthwhile and rigorous academic discipline.
  • History opens a wide range of careers and options for further study: accountancy, administration, archaeology, architecture, archivism, armed forces, business, charity work, education, heritage, journalism, law, medicine, museums, restoration, research, theatre and many more.


Year 7 & 8

Year 9,10 & 11 (GCSE)

Sixth Form