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GCSE Physics

Triple Science – Physics enables students to develop their appreciation of the knowledge and understanding of the world as established by the scientific community.

The subject explores a wider range of scientific concepts and provides a more detailed knowledge and understanding, by helping students develop and improve skills in several key areas: Evaluating scientific information. Undertaking scientific measurements and investigations, Developing scientific language, mathematical and communication skills.


  • Unit 1 – Electricity, Energy and Waves
  • Unit 2 – Forces, Space and Radioactivity
  • Unit 3 – Practical Assessment

2 x 1 hour, 45 minutes externally assessed written examinations – 45% of qualification individually, 90% total. A mix of short answer; structured; extended writing and data response questions, with some set in a practical context.

Practical Assessment – 10%, externally assessed. Obtain results from a given experimental method. (60 minutes.) Analyse and evaluate the data obtained.
(60 minutes.)

A Level Physics

Physicists seek to answer the big questions: Can the conditions that existed a few billionths of a second after the Big bang be recreated in the lab? How do fundamental constituents of matter such as quarks and leptons interact? How did the Universe begin? And can we understand what space and time are made of?

Studying Physics at Llanishen School you will: Solve problems set in practical contexts. Process and analyse data using mathematical skills. Develop experimental design and evaluate scientific


  • AS Unit 1 – Motion, Energy and Matter. 90 Minute Written Examination Externally Assessed.
  • AS Unit 2 – Electricity and Light. 90 Minute Written Examination Externally Assessed.
  • A2 Unit 3 – Oscillations and Nuclei. 135 Minute Written Examination Externally Assessed.
  • A2 Unit 4 – Fields and Options. 120 Minute Written Examination Externally Assessed.
  • A2 Unit 5 – Practical examination. 90 Minute Experimental Task. 60 Minute Data Analysis Task. Externally Assessed.

Progression and Career Opportunities


A Level