Welcome To The LHS French Department

Why French?

More than 300 million people speak French across the five continents. French is…

The second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. It is also the only language, alongside English, that is taught in every country in the world.

A language for the international job market. The ability to speak French and English is an advantage in the international job market. A knowledge of French opens the doors of French companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the world!

The language of culture. It is the international language of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture. A knowledge of French offers access to great works of literature in the original French, as well as films and songs.

A language for travel. France is the world’s top tourist destination and attracts more than 87 million visitors a year. The ability to speak even a little French makes it so much more enjoyable to visit!

A language for learning. Almost all Universities believe that learning a different language expresses an ability to learn a subject that is challenging, yet useful, whether it relates to your field of study or not. In addition to this, learning a foreign language, by way of taking an A-Level, shows them that you have a love for learning and a desire to progress in academic life. This is definitely impressive and something Universities look for in applicants.

A language of international relations. French is both a working language and an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts. French is the language of the three cities where the EU institutions are headquartered: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.

A language that is fun to learn, French is an easy language to learn and we have lots of fun ways of teaching you!

A language for learning other languages, French is a good base for learning other languages, especially Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) as well as English, since a significant percentage of English vocabulary is derived from French.

Here at Llanishen High School, you can expect to meet a team of experienced staff who hope to pass on their love of language learning to you!


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