Welcome to LHS Business Department

Why should I take GCSE Business?

Studying business GCSE will help you develop a wide range of skills that employers look for and those that budding entrepreneurs need to start their own businesses. You’ll learn all about different types of businesses, what they do, how they do it, what factors affect their success, and how they get people to buy their products and services. You’ll also develop good analysis and evaluation skills, being able to pick out key information and statistics and explore how that impacts decision-making.

Covering aspects of marketing, finance, operations and people management you’ll get a 360- degree introduction to the world of business.

Studying business lends itself to a wide range of career options including;

  • Accountant
  • Economist
  • Management consultant
  • Financial services
  • Investment professional
  • Entrepreneur

If you want to continue your education after taking GCSE business, you could progress to A-level business or economics or apply your learning to a number of vocational courses available locally.

If you decide to enter the world of work, you’ll have a strong foundation to build your career on.

What will it involve?

GCSE Business is taught during two lessons a week and includes a variety of different learning opportunities and activities to keep classes dynamic and interesting.

This could include:

  • Teacher-led learning followed by Q&As and videos
  • Case-study exercises reviewing ‘real-life’ businesses
  • Group work, working in pairs and individual study
  • Business games and activities, including setting up a business
  • Playing the stock market
  • Reviewing advertising campaigns

We also undertake external visits to businesses such as Cadbury world to learn about production and marketing techniques!

What else do I need to know?

Business GCSE is evaluated by two exams at the end of Year 11 but you will have regular tests during the course to help you assess your learning and build all the skills you need. Plus, in Year 11 you’ll have a mock exam in December as practice for the final GCSE exams.