Welcome to LHS Sociology Department

Why should I take A level Sociology?

If you want a better understanding of what shapes and influences the society you live in then Sociology A level is for you. Sociology is the study of societies and how they shape people’s ideas, social behaviour and their cultures and how, in turn, people interact together to shape society.

The opportunity to learn about a vast range of topics that have relevance to your life, another advantage of studying Sociology A-level is that it’s a new subject for everyone so you will all be exploring fresh concepts and ideas together.

The skills you will learn are highly transferable and applicable to a wide range of vocations and further education courses. Our experienced Sociology teaching faculty include sixth form tutors who can give advice on the UCAS process, helping our students to maximise opportunities post A level qualification.

An A-Level in Sociology will typically allow you to pursue university level qualifications in a wide range of areas including, Social Policy, Social Work, Police, Education, The Arts, Business Studies, Healthcare, Personnel Management, Teaching, Leisure and Tourism, The Legal Professions and many more.

What will it involve?

Sociology requires you to take a step back and think about wider perspectives and aspects that affect us all. We will explore existing theories and thinking as a starting point to developing our own opinions and judgements.

Subject matter will cover a vast number of topics which shape people’s thinking and societies including racism, gender issues, disability, religion, class and globalisation.

What else do I need to know?

We currently offer the following qualifications:

  • AS level Sociology
  • A level Sociology


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