Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB)

Welcome to the Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB)

What is the Llanishen HIRB?

The team which makes up our Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB) includes three specialist teachers and ten specialist teaching assistants. Students enjoy mainstream lessons with their peers, supported by a dedicated member of the HIRB team so that they can access the lesson. 

Tailored to support your individual needs, this support could include communication support, differentiation and note taking. We also have a dedicated space for HIRB students where you can access ideal listening conditions. Our aim is to give our students access to the highest levels of academic achievement and inclusion. 

We can also design bespoke curriculums to suit individual needs if students require. 

How do I access the HIRB?  

To access our Hearing Impaired Resource Base you must have a statement of Special Educational Need or a funded Individual Development plan for hearing impairment, with places allocated by the Local Authority. 

Once you have been welcomed into the base our approach is that communication is best seen as a continuum which meets all individual needs, and along which, students can move as the need arises. At one end is the natural aural approach and at the other is British Sign Language with many intermediate options such as Sign Support English in between.

What else do I need to know?

We work closely with the Primary HIRB at Coed Glas to ensure a smooth transition for LHS students. Staff and students from both HIRB’s visit each other regularly, which allows for collaborative working. We also have excellent links.


The Hearing Impaired Resource Base provides support and teaching at GCSE, A Level and provides the following vocational qualifications:

  • Entry Level English
  • Entry Level Maths
  • Entry Level Science
  • Agored
  • The Princes Trust