We want to hear from you and we want to make it as easy for you to contact us as possible. For parents/guardians, your initial point of contact should be via the relevant year office, for which contact details are shown below. Sickness or other absences should be reported
as soon as possible to the appropriate year office.

Important Contacts By Year Group

Year GroupTYL & PALDirect Telephone No.Email address
7YTL: Mr M. Hampton
PAL: Mrs S. Evans
02922 781
8YTL: Mr J. Owen
PAL: Mrs K. Beck
02922 781
9YTL: Mrs S. Tyler
PAL: Mrs C. Giddy
02922 781
10YTL: Miss V. Thorne
PAL: Mrs D. Hagelstein
02922 781
11YTL: Mr G. Emanuel
PAL: Mrs A. Whitehall
02922 781
Sixth FormHead of 6th: Mrs A. Hornblow
Administrator: Mrs J. Jones
02922 781

How Can We Help?

We rely on regular feedback from our parents, governors and staff and welcome your comments or views. For all enquiries, please email us using the form below.