Financial support at LHS

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School Meal Support 

If your family meets the criteria outlined below, you could be eligible for support with the cost of school meals.  Students in receipt of this will use our digital wallet system, the same as every child across the school. The digital wallet is automatically credited so there is no difference in using it or accessing the school canteen for students who qualify. 

If you’d like to find out more about the criteria for support with school meals.

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Help with School Uniform  

We strive to make our uniform as accessible as possible but appreciate that extra help is still welcome. Through the Pupil Development Grant scheme, we are able to help families with school uniform and other school essentials such as sports kit, school bags and stationery. 

We also offer a fully stocked Uniform Store.  We can lend any item of uniform if a student finds themselves without it.  The Uniform Store is open daily from 8:00am so that students can access it before the school day starts. 

We also have a blazer exchange programme for those who may have outgrown an otherwise perfectly good blazer. Not only does this help to support the cost of uniform, but helps us to create a more sustainable school environment too. All items can be exchanged whenever the uniform store is open and are cleaned before they’re passed on.  

This support is available to students in every year through from Year 7 to year 11.

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Travel to School  

If your child is aged 16 or under and you live more than three miles walking distance from the school, you may be able to get help from the council with the cost of travelling to and from school. 

In addition, students with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) who meet the distance criteria and hold a current statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or a funded Individual Development Plan (IDP) are provided with transport by the Local Authority.

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Disability Support  

If your child has a disability, it is sometimes possible to get help with extra costs through Student Finance Wales.

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Help for 16-18 year olds 

If your child is aged 16-18, then you might be eligible for financial support to help them to continue their studies into Sixth Form. To find out more about the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) run by Student Finance Wales.

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