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The LHS Buddies Team

Going to the primary schools

We enjoyed talking to the year 6 pupils that were transferring into our high school. They had a chance to ask us many questions including some amusing ones, such as "do you get your head flushed down the loo?" and "do you get thrown down the banks or in a dustbin?"

Talking one to one

As Buddies we are assigned a pupil that needs someone to talk to about their problems in school or at home. They were able to confide in us, many trusted us, and we used our Childline training to help us in helping them. This means that we don't just give advice but listen carefully before helping a pupil to decide what they want to do about a particular problem.

Getting trained

To get trained we had to miss a few lessons (which was absolutely awful!) but it was well worth it. We learnt valuable skills like how to listen to their problems, what type of advice to give them, to give them different options and when to tell an adult. We really enjoyed the games and we learnt to confide in each other and trust each other.

Year 6 induction days

The year 6's from all the schools that we visited came up to our school for a day to find out what their surroundings would be like in year 7 (big school). They got to have an early lunch and got to ask more questions about anything to do with the school. We made some bonds with some of the Year 6's and they felt more comfortable knowing they'd have some older friends when they first went to this big new school. At Llanishen High School we are very proud of the students who volunteer to become our Buddies Team. These Year 10 and 11 pupils are trained by Childline to be peer supporters or 'Buddies' to the younger pupils in the school. We all know the anxiety that accompanies the transition from Primary to Secondary school, for parents and pupils alike. This is where the role of the Buddies begins. They are on hand to listen to and support any pupils experiencing difficulties settling in or coping with any aspect of school life. They also work with pupils throughout Years 7 and 8 who experience ongoing difficulties in their friendships or with bullying. This support may be on a one to one mentoring basis or may even involve the team shadowing a pupil through break or lunchtimes is this is when problems are arising. The Buddies link with Mrs Parry and meet regularly to support each other. They greatly benefit from improved communication skills and from the experience of being part of a team. The school community benefit from the knowledge that the older pupils in our community are committed to tackling bullying and to supporting its younger members. If you would like to talk to a Buddy for any reason then all you have to do is have a quiet word with your Form Tutor. They will immediately make contact with Mrs Parry to link you up. Buddies are quiet and discreet in the way in which they work. Buddies can be easily recognised around the school by the Gold Childline badges they wear. They are always ready to stop and chat. On this section of the website you can see a selection of various Buddies Teams that have helped our younger students over the years. The Buddies have been established for 9 years now and keep going strong. There are further training days to come this year for Year 10. watch this space! If you are currently in Year 9, enjoy helping others, are confident in speaking to others and are willing to give up your free time then you should think about volunteering to become a Buddy when you get to Year 10. In the meantime, we should all be committed to ensuring that our school is a safe and friendly environment for all. We do not tolerate Bullying in any form and you do not need to be a Buddy to stand up to anyone bullying you or others. Don't suffer in silence, make sure you tell someone.



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