Get girls into STEM: LHS launches exclusive workshop series this March

15 March 2024

Llanishen High School is on a mission to get more girls into STEM subjects – from GCSE and beyond – with the launch of a new workshop series this March designed to inspire. Despite some improvements in recent years, there’s still a noticeable gap between boys and girls and their subject choices. They’re sadly affected […]

Protecting privacy on social media

15 March 2024

Social media is so incredibly public. So naturally, it comes with privacy concerns. What you put online stays online and sharing personal information can leave your children vulnerable to fraud, impersonation, and so much more. However, in a recent survey of 339 LHS parents, only 13% said that privacy was their top concern regarding their […]

Combatting bullying and harassment on social media

27 February 2024

For previous generations of young people, bullying was saved for face-to-face interactions. As traumatising as it always has been, most often or not, they could close their doors and step away from peer-led bullying, at least for a little while. But now sadly, that sanctuary is no more. Bullying has extended its reach to social […]

Safeguarding mental health in the social media age

20 February 2024

It’s almost impossible to talk about social media without considering its impact on mental health, especially when it comes to our young people. From excessive screen time and the inability to switch off, to the pressure to conform to online standards, it can be tricky to navigate, particularly for teens who are still developing and […]