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There are 450 million native speakers of Spanish

Countries where Spanish is an official language

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Welcome to the LHS Spanish Department

Why should I learn Spanish?

Teaching Staff




Why should I choose Spanish as an option?

The world we live in is getting smaller, and it is more important than ever to be able to communicate with people from around the world. Spanish is spoken everywhere, from Europe to America, and the ability to understand and converse with others in their own language increases our awareness of other cultures, customs and ways of life, as well as developing interpersonal skills of our own. It broadens horizons and provides opportunities both personally and professionally, not to mention being very helpful on holiday in Spain, which remains the top destination of choice for many British families.

Here at LHS we have been offering Spanish at GCSE and A Level for 2 years as a brand new subject. This has been an exciting new development in this school. We offer taster sessions in selected Year 8 lessons alongside regular French classes, so that pupils are able to take it further at GCSE level in Year 9.

Year 8 Information

In Year 8, selected classes are given the opportunity to have a basic introduction to Spanish as part of their 3 lessons a fortnight in French.

Year 8 topics

  • Introductions
  • Personal information - name, age, birthday, family members, personal descriptions, character adjectives.
  • Common vocabulary - numbers, months, days & colours


Vocabulary tests and written texts.


Key Stage 4 Information

Spanish is taught in one mixed ability class of on average 20 pupils; there is currently one class in each KS4 Year group. It is possible to start from scratch in Year 9 as well.

We follow the WJEC specification, which can be found on its website here.


Year 9 topics 

  • Identity & Culture - Youth Culture, Lifestyle & Customs and Traditions

Year 10 topics 

  • Wales and the World – Home and Locality, Wider World, Global Sustainability

Year 11 topics 

  • Current and Future Study and Employment, Enterprise, Employability & Future Plans. 


Pupils take 4 exams based on four skills, based on the above topics:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing 

The Speaking exam is undertaken with the class teacher on a one-to-one basis. All exams are marked externally by the WJEC.


Pupils will be provided with Topic Booklets, exercise books, folders, and the use of dictionaries in class.

At home there is a wealth of online resources at their fingertips!

Duolingo provides fun and free extra practice, and Basho & Friends provide free catchy songs linked to the vocabulary we need.

BBC Bitesize have informative pages dedicated to the topics, but given the popularity of the language and its prevalence around the world, there is literally too much to mention.




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