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We work extremely hard in our school and we believe that the most valuable resource that we have to offer the children is our staff. It's our professionalism and dedication to the job that makes the school work so well. Our years of experience means that our pupils receive an excellent education.

We have an experienced senior leadership team (SLT) lead by our Head Teacher Mrs Sarah Parry, ably supported by Deputy Head Teacher Mr Lyndon Brennan and Acting Deputy Head, Mr Dan White.  The SLT also comprises the following members:

  • Assistant Head Teacher   -   Mr Rob Wilson
  • Assistant Head Teacher   -   Mrs Maria Prosser (Inclusion & Wellbeing)
  • Assistant Head Teacher   -   Mr Jon Kiff
  • Assistant Head Teacher   -   Mr Andrew Mee
  • Assistant Head Teacher   -   Mr Tom Washington
  • Business Manager   -   Mrs Paula Battle

Members of SLT can be contacted via the office.

The school's Data Protection Officer is Mr Tim Beaverstock.

In order to provide effective pastoral support each year group is looked after by a team of form tutors led by a Year Team Leader (YTL), their Pupil Achievement Leader (PAL) and a nominated member of the Senior Leadership team.  You can contact each year office regarding pupil progress using the following details:

Year Group


Direct Telephone Number

Email Address


Acting YTL: Miss V. Thorne
PAL: Mrs D. Hagelstein

02920 680814
8 YTL: Mr R. Bloor
PAL: Miss A. Hansen
02920 680843
9 Acting YTL: Mr M. Hampton
PAL: Mrs S Evans
02920 680842
10 YTL: Miss R Evans
PAL: Mr D James
02920 680806
11 YTL: Mrs S Tyler
PAL: Mrs C. Giddy
02920 680800
Sixth Form YTL: Mrs E. Lloyd
YTL: Mrs A. Hornblow
Administrator: Mrs J. Jones
02920 680840


Each curriculum subject is lead by the following member(s) of staff:


The following support teams and colleagues can be contacted as follows:

All of our vacancies are advertised on


Sixth Form Prospectus
Policy & Equality Documents