14 July 2023

  • Guests joined the high school to sample fresh produce grown, picked and prepared by students at Llanishen High School as part of a pre-curtain show
  • Headteacher Mrs Sarah Parry explains why it’s vital to provide access to nutritious food options, especially during the cost-of-living crisis
  • The Lord Mayor of Cardiff said: “Having a supportive learning environment is vital in helping students to thrive, and I applaud the work that Llanishen High School is doing here.”

Llanishen High School opened its doors this week to members of the community for a unique evening of food, drink, and entertainment courtesy of its students.

With attendees including the Lord Mayor of Cardiff Councillor Bablin Molik, the director and assistant director of education for Cardiff Council and more in attendance, members of the community were welcomed to the high school for a pre-theatre dinner prepared by the students, and entertainment provided by the drama department as part of its 9 to 5 musical showcase.

As part of the evening, guests were treated to fresh produce thanks to the school’s polytunnel which opened in 2020. Over the academic year, students have planted, grown, harvested, and cooked fresh fruit and vegetables as part of the Curriculum for Wales, which includes education around healthy eating and sustainability. Those in attendance had the opportunity to try this first hand for one night only.  

Sarah Parry, Llanishen High School headteacher said: “We were thrilled to welcome members of our community to showcase some of the aspects of our school that we are incredibly proud of. Since introducing our polytunnel in 2020, students have had the opportunity to learn more about the food that we eat, how it’s made, and transform it into something healthy and delicious as part of the curriculum.

“Particularly during the cost of living crisis, we understand that nutritious food isn’t as easy to come by for some of the families in our local community and it can be a real struggle to make ends meet. So we want to ensure that we’re providing support where we can to anyone who steps through our doors. This is just one of the reasons why the food that’s grown here is also used by the students in our food department.”

The school’s core focus is to create a student-centric environment that is representative of and caters to the local community, and individual needs. To do this, it develops and shapes learning programmes that bolster the existing curriculum, incorporating essential life skills and a well-being focus to ensure that every student who passes through its doors can experience a sense of belonging and thrive.

Speaking of the event, Lord Mayor of Cardiff Councillor Bablin Molik, said: “I was honoured to be invited to celebrate the creative talents that are being nurtured within Llanishen High School as I believe it’s so important for young people to explore their passions and embrace the arts and creativity. I’ve seen first-hand the students’ commitment and dedication – from the food that has lovingly been grown and prepared on-site thanks to the fantastic polytunnel, to the depiction of characters and stories that continue to captivate us. Having a supportive learning environment is vital in helping students to thrive, and I applaud the work that Llanishen High School is doing here.”

Llanishen High School is a community-led high school based in the heart of Cardiff, which exists to help every student realise their potential and succeed.