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Key Information

Welsh Baccalaureate

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Sixth Form prospectus - key information

The A2/AS Level

In Year 12, the first year of the Sixth Form, students are expected to undertake the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) courses and examinations including Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (WBQ).

Most students undertake three or four AS subjects in Year 12, in addition to the WBQ depending on their GCSE results. They then continue with some/all of these subjects through to A Level dependent upon grades achieved at AS level.

In Year 13 students move on to the second stage, the Advanced Level (A2) part of their courses and examinations.

The exams for the two A2 modules are to full 'A' level standard. You need to check what coursework requirements exist in the A2 courses.

If you have completed the two AS modules and the two A2 modules in the subject satisfactorily, you will be given an overall 'A' level grade in the A*-E pass range. In a full 'A' level, 40% of marks are allocated to the Year 12 AS stage and 60% to the Year 13 A2 stage.

Llanishen High School Sixth Form is a calm, friendly and exciting place to further your education

Although at times it can be challenging as Sixth Form requires hard work and motivation from all, it is definitely a rewarding experience which is well worth the hard work.

Sixth Form gives you the chance to study subjects in more depth. It also allows you to develop interests around subject areas, which you never knew you had! Making good use of your free time is vital and also encouraged, as independent study is essential for success at this level.

Sixth Form life provides you with great opportunities. There are many chances to gain experience in certain job areas via relevant work placements, which can help you make informed choices about your future. The social aspects allow new friendships to be made as well as keeping your established circle of friends.

It is not only the academic side of the school which people feel drawn towards. Many fundraising days take place which give you a fun break from studying and a chance to get to know others whilst raising money for good causes. The extracurricular opportunities available also contribute to making your time here enjoyable and memorable. Participation in different activities is highly encouraged and Llanishen High has produced many high quality performers including successful athletes and sporting teams. These opportunities allow students to strike a good balance between the social and academic requirements of Sixth Form life. Studying in Years 12 and 13 gives you a chance to become an independent learner. It also helps to develop your interests whilst offering guidance and support as you decide which pathway to follow after completing your A levels.

A good Sixth Form education must be more than teaching, learning and personal academic success. By the time you come into the Sixth Form at 16 you have developed many positive personal qualities: by the time you leave the Sixth Form at the age of 18, you are legally an adult. We know that you are keen for a change by the end of Year 11. It is a very demanding year and Year 11 students look for something different in their post 16 education.

In Llanishen we have a strong Sixth Form tradition of giving our students many freedoms and responsibilities. There are several reasons for this. You want adult status by this time and we agree with this. We want you to take on a wider range of responsibilities which will help you develop further many essential qualities for your adult life, such as greater self confidence, taking initiatives and decisions, working in teams and helping others.

All information for starting Sixth Form in September 2017 including the free choices option system will be updated shortly. In the meantime we look forward to seeing you at the Learning Pathways Evening on Tuesday 29th November, 6pm in the West Wing Hall.



Llanishen High School Sixth Form Prospectus
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Sixth Form Prospectus
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