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GCSE Options

Welcome to our first ever Virtual GCSE Options Event.

Although we are disappointed not to be able to welcome you personally into school this year, we are excited to share our subject options information with you digitally.

Dear parents, guardians and pupils, 
As you are aware all students in year 8 have to make their GCSE options choices in the next few months, with final decisions in March 2022. 
Year 8 students have been already been given some limited explanation on the option process during the Autumn term in the form of presentations and in lesson time with their subject staff.  
It is now time to take the process further.  On this webpage students and parents/guardians will be able to find information and advice that they will need to make informed and appropriate option choices.  
After the compulsory subjects that all students will follow, most students will be allowed to opt for a further four option subjects. This is where your advice, together with student preference and staff guidance will be essential, when ensuring that all students select the right option subjects.  
This option booklet sets out the requirements of the courses and outlines what each course consists of and how it is assessed. It also goes over the best reasons for selecting courses and prompts the students to assess which are the most suitable subjects that match their own individual abilities and interests. It is vital for students to be realistic when choosing their subjects whilst at the same time aiming to challenge their progress and development at Key stage 4. 
The options timeline, as displayed below, sets out the important dates and deadlines going forward. Please not that a report and a parents evening are listed here, these elements are extremely important to informing all students and parents/guardians about the suitability of a student to subject – both of these aspects will go ahead but we are assessing the best format at present. Final arrangements and dates will be communicated asap. 
The aim of this process is to match the appropriate course to the correct students – this will allow students to make the desired progress over the next three years at Llanishen High school. You as parents/guardians play an essential role in this process. All of the information will be set out in the Year 8 webpage section and given to you and the students in the upcoming reports and parents evening. If you have any further questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact the year 8 team. 
Thank you in anticipation for your support and assistance in this important next step for your child. 
The Year 8 Team  
Mr Bloor, Ms Hansen & Mr White 

Options Timeline

Options process is explained in Assembly presentations and by subject teachers in class. 
Presentations in form time - covering subjects that are new for KS4.

Autumn Term 2020

Careers Wales presentation on options process & Introduction to Careers Wales website and information.

January 20th 2021

Year 8 GCSE Options Section – school Website

Information for students and parents

January 20th 2021

Letter to students and parents setting out options process.

January 20th 2021

GCSE Options Booklets distributed to all and posted on school website.

January 20th 2021

Student initial option choices - students will complete their first ‘Free’ choice trawl.
This information will be used to develop the option blocks.

End of  January 2021

Option Blocks set out and publicised.

Students will receive more advice & their choices discussed.

February 2021

Year 8 Reports distributed  Year 8 Parents Evening

(process & date under review due to Covid situation).

February 2021

Year 8 Parents Evening

(process & date under review due to Covid situation).

February/March 2021

Deadline for students to submit their final choices

March 2021

Due to the COVID pandemic – exact dates to be confirmed ASAP




Options Subjects

Some of the subjects that you will be able to choose, you will have been already studying since joining LHS; however, there are many additional subjects that you may also be able to choose.  Some of these subjects have created videos and presentations for you to review and are shown below.


Computer Science


Digital Technology



Health & Social Care







Careers Wales Information




Sixth Form Prospectus
Policy & Equality Documents