25 April 2024

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students/Annwyl Rhieni, Gwarchodwyr a Myfyrwyr

If you could give yourself some motivational advice for the year ahead, what would it be?

Depending on your viewpoint, the summer exam series is either creeping slowly closer, or it is closing in on you with an acceleration that defies the normal laws of physics.

Either way, last Friday morning Mrs Davies and her Year 11 English class took a few moments out to stop and savour this time . At the very start of Year 10, the class wrote long letters to themselves with the view to opening now, just ahead of their exams.  The aim was to motivate themselves!  Last Friday, they opened their motivations pep talks, and added some additional fuel via the medium of cake. They really enjoyed reading what their past selves had written! The end of an era (nearly).

As we reiterate key messages about balance (revision, relax, rejuvenate, and go again), let us not forge the power of fresh air and the outdoors.  So that’s where we are headed next…..

Our great outdoors…

As you can see, we are finally enjoying some weather that means the wellies are relegated to the sideline.  It always makes me smile to see them vaguely stored in a raised bed in the polytunnel, as if they are going to grow and multiply for the autumn.  Anyhow, it was great to see Year 8 preparing one of the outsides raised beds that our DT students constructed in readiness.  Carrots, potatoes and cabbages are just some of our outdoor crops that being planted.

In the polytunnel, the students have been nurturing a variety of seedlings ready to be transferred.  They have also been planting a wide range of produce from broad beans to garlic to sweet peppers. 

Taking you back a few weeks to a time when the wellies were an essential bit of kit, here is the humble origin of those outside beds.  Recycled timber was used by our DT students to plan, measure, measure again, cut and construct in preparation for planting season.  Amazing team work and amazing skills on show to create something real and robust.

Also, following a donation of 200 native trees, students in Year 7 and 8 have been using their Health and Wellbeing lessons to learn more about the amazing power of trees.  We are very grateful to the Tree Council for coming back to visit.

The HIRB have also been celebrating Earth Day and all things related to growth, health and activity.  They have been investigating everything from the availability of sustainable local produce, to meat-free Mondays, to how we can reduce, reuse, recycle and conserve water!

Here’s a round up of this weeks adventure…

London Marathon….Done!

Here are two members of staff who had more that their fair share of fresh air last week as they both completed the London Marathon 2024.

First, let’s hear from Miss Purbrick…

“On Sunday I completed the 2024 London Marathon. I started the race at 11:30am.

I felt comfortable for the first half of the race but then it dawned on me I still had another 13.1 miles to go!

With the support from family and friends who travelled to support me, gels and paracetamol, I was able to carry on and eventually cross the finishing line.

After crossing the finishing line I felt an array of emotions: I felt happy, relief and a sense of achievement. I must have enjoyed it as I’ve already put my name in for next years ballot!”

Now, from Mr Prince….

“I’m feeling pretty sore this week but I’m getting there!

For me, the major high was the support from the crowds.  They are insane and genuinely motivate you to finish.  It feels like a festival all the way around.  Crossing Tower bridge was another amazing highlight.

In terms of lows, my knee gave up at about mile 8 so it was certainly a gruelling run.  But there was no way I wasn’t going to finish.

My time was slower than planned, but suppose it doesn’t really matter.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Huge congratulations to Miss Purbrick and Mr Prince on an amazing achievement.  Something that you will always remember.  We also loved you different approaches to showing off your medals!

Mr Mee on the transition trail

Back in Wales, and equally passionate if not quite as energetic, was Mr Mee on visits to our feeder primary schools to give them a taste of teaching and learning at Llanishen High School.  He thoroughly enjoyed meeting Year 6 in Glyncoed and Thornhill and has more to come! They really enjoyed the taster on transition writing. 

Learning Support Star of the Week

Learning Supports SOTW is the fabulous Jaycie Fry in Year 7.  Jaycie has shown a fantastic work ethic and been a great help all week. 

She always has a smile on her face (which she doesn’t usually hide!) and she takes care of those around her.

Well done Jaycie ☺️

Your PTA needs you!!

Finally today is a reminder of the extension of a warm welcome to any parents, carers, guardians or family members who would like to join our PTA. The PTA meet once a half term for about half an hour in school. The next meeting is  on WEDNESDAY 22nd MAY at 4.00pm.

Joining the PTA is a great way to connect with the school, help raise money to support your children and the school, as well as being able to influence how the money is spent.

We currently have 4 PTA members from the whole school community, and really need more help! They are very friendly and try to keep the meetings to 30 minutes each time.

Please email PTA@llanishen.cardiff.sch.uk if you can join us on 22nd May or would like more information.

100 Club

The PTA run the 100 Club – subscription is £1.00 a month per share. There are 6 draws a year, and the more people who enter, the bigger the prizes. Details of how to join are below.


If you ever do any online shopping, please consider going via Easyfundraising to support Llanishen High School PTA – there is no extra cost to you and it is very easy – just an app to download.  Please see details below. We have raised around £100 so far by simply shopping.

Thank you for reading/Diolch am ddarllen,

Mrs Sarah Parry, Headteacher

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