26 January 2024

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students/Annwyl Rhieni, Gwarchodwyr a Myfyrwyr

This week, we are getting creative and are delighted to share some updates from our Expressive Arts team.  In addition to the exciting announcement that this summers school show will be Footloose, LHS hosted a very different gig last week…..

The not-so-little Little Gig

Last week, we were extremely lucky to be treated to our own LHS private gig in the West Wing Hall, funded by the council as part of their Little Gigs project. Our Music students from Years 8 to 13 watched amazing performances from Madditronique – an electro pop artist who makes music using loop pedals and synthesisers – and the indie rock band CHROMA – who have just been announced as the warm up act for the Foo Fighters in the summer. The West Wing Hall was well and truly rocking!

Prior to the gig, our A-Level Music Technology students were given the invaluable opportunity to go on stage and meet with the artists, discussing their background and how they got into the music industry, their creative process, the equipment they use and how to harness these effects in their current coursework. As this was the first main event for the Little Gigs project, we were the flagship gig, which meant that representatives from the Cerdd Music Service, Cardiff Council Media Teams, Counsellor Merry and Counsellor Burke were all in attendance.

As part of the Little Gigs project, students will now be given the opportunity to sign up for free mentoring sessions with local music industry specialists – targeted directly at performers who want to be in a band, composers, sound engineers/technicians, to managers and promoters. The idea is to nurture and develop our music industry of the future at a time.

If your child is interested in any of these avenues, please direct them to come and speak with Mr Grimstead or Miss Gronow.

We greatly value our expressive arts and the richness they bring to our curriculum, extra-curricular offer, and school ethos. There are so many opportunities to get involved on stage, on set or behind the scenes. 

On that note (sorry!), one member of staff who is particularly passionate about the impact that music can have on the life of a young person is Mrs E Smith who is a member of our mathematics department.  When not teaching maths, Mrs Smith is on a mission.

In her own words….

“I am a Maths Teacher at Llanishen High School.  When I was a pupil in Aberdare Girls’ School, I learnt to play a musical instrument. I then progressed to play in both my local and school orchestras, and also attended music residential courses.  I was lucky enough to be able to take up this opportunity by loaning an instrument from the school and also by receiving free lessons throughout my time in school.  Unfortunately, these options are no longer available and I have been increasingly saddened to see less and less students playing instruments and smaller and smaller orchestras.  Playing an instrument gave me so much pleasure, I am requesting your help in order to give students the same opportunities I was given.

Firstly, I am looking to collect as many instruments as possible.  If you have an instrument that you learnt on, or a duplicate that is rarely used, or an instrument that your child used to play but is no longer interested in; in fact, any instrument that you would be willing to donate to my cause, then please do so.  I am desperately seeking instruments that we will look after and care for, and loan to students so that they may have the opportunity to learn as you/yours once did.

Secondly, I am looking for teachers, or anybody who is able and willing to donate their time to teach the future musicians of tomorrow.  I cannot offer a wage, but maybe assistance with transport costs for those who need it, and it goes without saying my deepest thanks and appreciation.  I can confirm that Llanishen High School would provide the space for lessons which would take place during school hours.  I will be working alongside our Head of Music to arrange appropriate dates and times and also to accommodate your availability.  Once a week or fortnightly would be ideal.  As you can appreciate any volunteer would need an DBS check. 

I know this is a big ask; I am aware of that. However, I ask as somebody who loves music and all the experiences and rewards it has given me, and desperately wants to see the same offered to our students.  I hope you too would like to see more children given the opportunities to learn a musical instrument.

So, if you have any instruments, you are willing to donate or are willing and able to give your free time as a teacher of a musical instrument please contact me, Mrs Smith, e.smith@llanishen.cardiff.sch.uk or phone the school on Tel: 029 2068 0800 where a message can be left for me and I will get back to you after my teaching commitments.”

With thanks and appreciation,

Mrs E Smith, teacher of maths, form tutor for 7C and bassoon player!

For those whose passion is to walk the boards, then this next item is for you.

LHS presents Romeo and Juliet

Mr Wolverson and his Year 10, 11 and 12 drama and theatre interns are busy making the final preparations for a dramatic performance of extracts from this great love story.

You are cordially invited to attend on either 8th or 9th February.  The performance will be approximately 1 hour and will be held in the Drama studio.  Doors will open at 6:15pm and the performance will commence at 6:30pm.

Please see Mr Wolverson in CA7 for complimentary tickets. The perfect Valentine treat!

Learning Support ‘Star of the Week’

This weeks’ Learning Support SOTW goes to Tilly Birch in Year 7.  Tilly has had a fantastic start to the spring term and has shown courage and resilience in all aspects of school life, well done Tilly!

Well done everyone! We look forward to bringing you more news and updates next week.

Thank you for reading/Diolch am ddarllen,

Mrs Sarah Parry, Headteacher

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