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History Department

Studying History at LHS

The History Department at Llanishen has experienced teachers and a strong tradition of successful subject teaching.

AS Level History Informational PowerPoint

GCSE History Informational PowerPoint





Teaching Staff

Mr I. Beck  (Head of History)

H. Sweet Jones (GCSE & A Level)
M. Furnham (GCSE & A Level)

K. Hinchey (Y7 & Y8 Teacher)
J. Pontin (Y7 & Y8 Teacher)
G. Evans (Y7 & Y8 Teacher)


Y9: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT - 1500-the present day

  • The causes & nature of crimes
  • Enforcing law and order and combatting crime
  • Attitudes to and methods of punishment
  • Historic site: Nineteenth century Merthyr Tydfil

Y10: SOUTH AFRICA 1948-94

  • Why was the apartheid system established?
  • The effects of the apartheid system
  • Opposition to apartheid system in South Africa
  • The role of key individuals in the opposition
  • International opposition to apartheid
  • Changes to apartheid in the 1980s and 90s: Botha and de Klerk
  • The end of apartheid


Our students currently write on

  • Racial Segregation in 1950s USA
  • The career and impact of Dr Martin Luther King


  • Causes of the Great Depression c.1930-2
  • Life during the Great Depression c.1930-35
  • Preparations for WW2 c.1936-9
  • Life During Wartime: the Home Front 1939-45
  • Keeping Up Morale: media and propaganda 1939-45
  • Life After the War: the Labour Government of 1945-51


Students typically attempt Germany 1919-39 in the Summer Term of Y10, with an option to resit a year later.

Coursework is started following the exam and completed by Autumn half term Y11.

The remaining two papers are attempted at the end of Y11.

AS/A2 (Y12 & Y13)


Paper 1: Europe in an Age of Conflict and Cooperation, 1890-1990 (period study)

  • International Relations 1890-1939: causes of WW1 and WW2
  • Italy 1918-45: the rise and fall of Mussolini and Fascism
  • Germany 1918-45: Weimar and Nazi Germany
  • Russia 1905-45: the fall of Tsarism, the Revolutions of 1917, Soviet communism under Lenin and Stalin
  • International Relations 1945-90: Cold War, the EEC


Paper 2: The Mid-Tudor Crisis in Wales and England, c.1529-70 (depth study)

  • Wales and the ‘Acts of Union’
  • The Reformations of Henry VIII and Edward VI
  • Politics: the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell, the regencies of Somerset and Northumberland
  • Rebellion, Protest and Disorder: The pilgrimage of Grace 1536-7, The Western and Kett’s Rebellions of 1549
  • Interpretations: traditionalist, revisionist and contemporary takes on this history



Paper 3: The USA c.1890-1990

  • The Struggle for Civil Rights: changing attitudes 1890-1945, the Civil Rights campaigns 1945-68, Consequences of the Civil Rights Movement 1968-90, What changed?
  • Making of a Superpower 1890-1990: Change and Continuity in US Foreign Policy, WW2 and the Cold War 1941-75, Détente and the end of Cold War 1975-90, Similarity and Difference 1890-1990

Paper 4: The Mid-Tudor Crisis c. 1553-70

  • Social and Economic Developments in England and Wales: poverty & unrest, the advance of the Welsh gentry after the Acts of Union, towns trade and industry
  • Mary Tudor 1553-8: the rebellion of 1553 against Lady Jane Grey, the Spanish marriage, Wyatt’s Rebellion 1554, factional conflict in government, restoring Catholicism, religious persecution
  • The Elizabethan Religious Settlement: Puritanism, Catholics and the Rebellion of the Northern Earls 1569

Paper 5: NEA/Coursework essay

A 4000 word essay. Students can write on the development of an historical debate or controversy from any period of their choice (except the Tudor depth study).