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Farewell Year 11: Class of 2021!


T’was the end of Summer 2016,

Eight years spent in primary was a ‘ had been’.
The school bell rang and along you came
To LHS all looking smart and dressed the same.
In charge were Mr Wilson and Miss Evans
Of their enthusiastic and tiny Year 7s.
Time passed and so you grew,
Into the Year 8 group I then knew.
Friendships made,
Many of which will never fade.
On with your adventure and future plans,
Along came options, your choices were in your hands.
Many of you embraced this challenge ,excited for what Year 9 would bring,
Some of you learned that ‘Business Studies’ was a thing.
And into teachers’ dreaded Year 9,
Staff always dread it but it all went fine.
New curriculum ahead of you,
So many new subjects to do.
You grew and grew and needed uniform- new,
A move into Year 10 did ensue.
All was ticking along nicely,
One and all were living safely.
Then came new words in our vocabulary –
Pandemic, social distancing a plenty.
Face coverings, restarts, lockdown,
Along came online learning and self isolation.
The class of 2021 returned in September,
What could you remember?
With return to class and restart for some,
How difficult had it been working from home?
Lie ins, permanent pyjama days, exercise 3 times a day,
What more can I say?
More of a challenge lay ahead
With Learning through Teams and learning that would blend-
Classroom and virtual learning into one,
I can assure you it was far from being fun.
We have faced many challenges, different skills as a group,
That have built our confidence and our ability to cope.
We have grown to be resilient,
A unique group of young adults, content
To move on to our next chapter,
Hopefully it will be full of happy ever after.
On behalf of the school, we wish you all the very best for the future ‘ Class of 2021’.

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