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As part of our partnership to achieve the best possible education for all our students

The school will strive to...

  • Provide a safe, healthy and happy environment.
  • Deal with any cases of bullying or harassment promptly and in an appropriate manner.
  • Ensure that all students are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  • Encourage high standards of work, achievement and good behaviour.
  • Instil a sense of responsibility and belonging within the community of the school.
  • Provide a balanced curriculum which meets statutory requirements, whilst trying to accommodate the needs of each individual student.
  • Provide opportunities to monitor and discuss the progress of each student and to help set targets for improvement.

Parents/carers will strive to...

  • Make sure the student attends regularly, on time, properly equipped for learning and wearing the correct school uniform.
  • Inform the school on the first day of a student’s absence.
  • Support the school's policies and rules on behaviour.
  • Support the school's policies on rewards and sanctions.
  • Let the school know of any change in circumstances that could affect the student’s work and behaviour.
  • Support the student with homework, revision, organisation and all other aspects of home learning.
  • Attend parents' evenings and discussions about the student's progress.

Each student will strive to...

  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Bring all equipment needed in a suitable school bag.
  • Wear the proper school uniform.
  • Tell an adult if anyone is being bullied or harassed.
  • Arrive on time for each lesson.
  • Be polite and helpful to others.
  • Respect other people's culture, ideas and opinions.
  • Respect other people's and the school's property.
  • Complete all homework and classwork on time and to the highest standard.
  • Keep the school free from litter and graffiti.
  • Set out always to do his/her best.



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