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We work extremely hard in our school and we believe that the most valuable resource that we have to offer the children is our staff. It's our professionalism and dedication to the job that makes the school work so well. Our years of experience means that our pupils receive an excellent education.

In order to provide effective pastoral support each year group is looked after by a team of form tutors led by a Year Team Leader, their assistant and a nominated member of the Senior Leadership team. In addition each year team is supported by a specific member of the Pupil Support Clerical team.


Head Teacher:

  • Mrs S Parry

Deputy Headteacher:

  • Mr L Brennan

Assistant Headteachers:

  • Mr R Wilson
  • Mrs J Pearce
  • Mr L Humphreys


Art Mr P Foster

Biology Mr T Price

Chemistry Mr M Adey

Computer Science Mr T Beaverstock

Design & Technology Mr M Beckett

Drama Mrs S Brown

English Mr A Mee

French Mrs E Pawar & Mrs S Tinkler 

Geography Mr G Clements

German Mr M Bowen-Jones

History Mr I Beck

ICT Mrs R Lloyd-Davies

Mathematics Mr T Washington

Music Miss F Holgate

Personal & Social Education Miss H Evans

Physical Education Mr T Charles

Physics Mrs P Wallington

Psychology Mrs L Leon

Religious Education Mrs J Dalzell

Science Mrs P Wallington

Welsh Mrs J Harry

WBQ (KS4) Mr J Birchall

WBQ (KS5) Mrs A Hornblow




Head of Year 7:

  • Mr J Crosse

Head of Year 8:

  • Miss S Roberts

Head of Year 9:

  • Mrs S Tyler

Head of Year 10:

  • Mr M Card

Head of Year 11:

  • Miss R Bloor

Head of 6th Form:

  • E Hansen

  • Mr M Adey

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