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Digital Competence @ LHS


Digital Competence at Llanishen High School

Mission Statement

At Llanishen High School, we are committed to creating an innovative and creative culture which allows all members of our school community to flourish into digitally competent citizens. We will future proof infrastructures so that technologies excite and enhance our teaching and learning. Our vision is to raise aspirations, standards and skills in order to increase life opportunities in a 21st Century global society.

Initial Staff Meeting

The Welsh Government have developed and released the Digital Competence Framework for the learners of Wales to develop and enhance their digital skills for the workplaces of tomorrow. On Monday, January 15th, 2018, the staff of LHS had their initial training and looked into the plans to embrace this new framework. A copy of the presentation can be viewed here.

Working collaboratively 

One of the themes of the initial meeting for staff was the need for collaborative working; either between pupils, between staff or in combination. This essentially relies on users having online storage for their work (for example, documents) so that multiple users can edit and contribute to the same task. Click here for help with Microsoft collaboration & here for the same process within Apple Pages via iCloud. Padlet was also shown and new users to this application can register here.

Google Classroom

After auditing the levels of digital competence and investigating the usage of digital technoloiges across the curriculum, it was decided that a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) was required. As of September 2018, LHS is a Google for Education school with this licence, Google Classroom will be used to faciltitate the practices necessary from which to provide students with the relevant opportunities to develop skills that are more suitable for an increasingly digital world. With this platform, students have the opportunity to save work through their own Google Drive and make full use of the Google Suite of applications, such as Google Docs, Forms & Mail. For further information on Google Classroom, please follow this link.

Staff Google Training via INSET

In January 2019, all teaching staff were given training on the G Suite for Education package. Over the course of the academic year, the usage of these apps will increase and pupils will be able to access their school work both inside and outside of the classroom. As of September 2019, we will further our Google provision with the 6th Form as students will be able to acquire Chromebooks to use for all of their studies. We look forward to watching the exciting developments that Google will continue to bring.

Llanishen High School Digital Leaders

With the main focus of the 2018/19 academic year being linked to the installation of Google Classroom, several students have already been trained in order to accomodate the roll-out of the VLE to their peers and staff alike. The initial classes involved have been highly complimentary and taken to the new platform with great enthusiasm. Over the course of the academic year, every student and every member of staff will be given their own Google account which will facilitate learning opportunities from anywhere in the world.