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Year 7 Home Learning - Communications Log


Email sent: 1st April @ 13:17   -   Subject: Work for the next Art project   -   Task:  Landscapes

Design Technology

Work is being updated and set weekly via google classroom - pupils have been invited to their classroom via their school google email account. If pupils can’t login to their Google accounts, please use the parent pupil helpdesk.


Email sent: 23rd April   -   Subject: Read script and make a mask for one of the characters. Mask template included in email   -   Due by: 5th May 2020


Email sent: 24th March   -   Subject: Book Review


[Class 7J] Email sent: 27th April @ 11:24   -   Subject: Describing people in French using avoir and etre
[Class 7F] Email sent: 28th April @ 11:24   -   Subject: Describing people in French using avoir and etre
[Classes 7I, 7E, 7B, 7H and 7D] Email sent: 1st May @ 11:50   -   Subject: Describe a celebrity. Describe their hair and eyes. See more information and examples in email.   -   Details: To be completed by Friday 8th May.
[Classes 7I, 7E, 7B, 7H and 7D] Email sent: 5th May @ 13:51   -   Subject: Describing famous people: Physical appearance and character.   -   Deadline: Tuesday 12th May
[Classes 7F & 7J] Email sent: 13th May   -   Details: A reminder to send posters on descriptions to Miss Koops this week.  Next task: follow instructions in email to translate phrases to practise descriptions.
[Classes 7B, 7D, 7E, 7H, 7I] Email sent: 14th May @14:20   -   Subject: Hair and Eyes. Details:    -   Deadline: Complete worksheet by 21st May.


Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Geography Work
Email sent: 20th April   -   Subject: Geography work for next two weeks
Email sent: 4th May   -   Subject: Geography work for next two weeks   -   Deadline: 15th May


Students will be emailed work.  Department contact: Mr I. Beck


Primary Contact: Mrs Jenkins (part-time) or Ms Walters (acting Head of Department)

Email sent: 19th March   -   Subject: Basic Graphic Design - Google classroom 
Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Spreadsheets - Google classroom 
Email sent: 2nd April @ 12:13   -   Subject: ICT Work – Support our NHS   -   Details: Create a Poster – Support for our fantastic NHS
Email sent: 20th April @ 11:30   -   Subject: Posted to Google Classroom   -   Details: Mini Project Task 1 – Monster Invasion, Design your own Monster.
Email sent: 21st April @ 09:00   -   Subject: Posted to Google Classroom   -   Details: Mini Project Task 2– Create a storyboard.
Uploaded to Google Classroom: 28th April @ 11:40   -   Details: Mini Project Task 3 – Create a Presentation or Video
Email sent: 4th May @ 11:34   -   Subject: Scratch Lesson 1 – Getting Started   -   Details: Posted to Google Classroom
Email sent: 4th May @ 11:43   -   Subject: Scratch Lesson 2 – Let’s Include your Monsters   -   Details: Posted to Google Classroom
Email sent: 12th May @ 12:44   -   Subject: Posted to Google Classroom   -   Details: Mini Project Task 4  – Inserting audio into your monster presentations.
Email sent: 18th May @ 11:00   -   Subject: Posted to Google Classroom   -   Details: Task 5 - Sound Editing - Create a unique sound for your Monster Presentation


Text sent to parents   -   Work has been set via


Email sent: 18th March   -   Subject: Year 7 RE   -   Details:  Complete Sikhism using work sent on office 365, then complete leaders project on Google Classroom. 
Email sent: 20th April   -   Subject: Life of Mohammad (pbuh) lesson
Email sent: 11th May   -   Subject: Week beginning May 4th - Islamic booklet


Email sent: 13th May @ 20:49   -   Subject: Week 6 Science work: Educake test on atoms and elements for 7F2 (Mr Birchall)   -   Details: Educake tests to be set - contact Mr Birchall if you don't know your username or password.
Email sent: 20th May @ 12:19   -   Subject: Week 7 Science - work for 7F2 (Mr Birchall) - ecology work on Educake


Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Cymraeg   -   Details:  Work through the Ysgol booklet and write a letter or an essay in detail about your school.
Email sent: 27th April   -   Subject: Cymraeg   -   Description: Work through booklet. Complete the 30 Welsh challenges for April.