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Year 12 Home Learning - Communications Log

Business Studies

Email sent: 22nd March   -   Subject: Year 12 Work   -  Details: Price 
Email sent: 26th March @ 20:03   -   Subject: Promotion Lessons
Email sent: 2nd April @ 19:26   -   Subject: Place 1

Computer Science

Email sent: 24th March   -   Subject: Unit 5 Project Idea   -  Details: Unit 5 Project Idea 
Email sent: 26th March @ 11:08   -   Subject: CS50x Puzzle Day 2020   -   Details: Harvard University's Annual Puzzle Challenge - New channel created on MS Teams to support.
Email sent: 26th March @ 12:55   -   Subject: Unit 5 - Project Idea Support Calls   -   Details: Book an online appointment slot for video conference with Mr Beaverstock & Mr Watkins to discuss your Unit 5 Project Idea and next steps.
Email sent: 3rd April @ 11:59   -   Subject: Discussion for project   -   Details: Assignment set on MS Teams - Due 19th April


Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Year 12 Work   -  Details: Fiscal Policy 
Email sent: 1st April @ 18:40   -   Subject: Supply side policies


Email sent: 24th March   -   Subject: Book Review

Health, Social Care & Childcare

Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Tasks   -  Details: Unit 3   assignment brief 3   
Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Tasks   -  Details: Unit 4   assignment brief 3 


Students will be emailed work.  Department contact: Mr I. Beck


Text sent to parents   -   Work has been set via


Email   -   Subject: Physics 

Psychology - 12A & 12C

Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Task for today   -   Details: Cognitive psychology…watch TED talk, answer Q’s and email back answers  
Email sent: 25th March   -   Subject: HD lesson 2 out of 4 this week   -   Details: video answer Q's and email answers back by end of day
Email sent: 26th March @ 08:45   -   Subject: HD lesson 3 out of 4 this week   -   Details: Research Methods video and answer Q's- email answers back by end of day
Email sent: 29th March @ 10:00   -   Subject: LL tasks   -   Details: Raine and Bolwby revision. Read all Ppt and revision notes and complete Dream Analysis worksheet.
Email sent: 30th March @ 09:00   -   Subject: LL tasks   -   Details: Watson and Raynor and CBT revision. Read notes and complete fill in the blank worksheet on CBT and the quiz on Watson and Raynor.

Form Group/WBQ Info - 12D

Email Sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Welcome to virtual reg time!   -   Details: Pastoral check and ideas for individual projects WBQ
Email Sent: 25th March   -   Subject: WBQ Lesson 24/3/20   -   Details: Aims/objectives for individual projects WBQ