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Year 10 Home Learning - Communications Log


Email sent: 24th March   -   Subject: Art Work   -   Details: GCSE Art Research & Investigation 
Email sent: 20th April @ 17:26   -   Subject: Year 10 Art Work Commencing April 20th 2020   -   Details: Detailed PowerPoint & PDF attached re: Coursework
Email sent: 29th April @ 10:46   -   Subject: Working from Home
Email sent: 6th May @ 16:06   -   Subject: GCSE Art Work - A Reminder   -   Details: A reminder to be completing whatever elements of your coursework you can do at home.

Business Studies

Email sent: 24th March   -   Subject: Year 10 Work   -   Details: Share Project 
Email sent: 1st April @ 18:10   -   Subject: Shares Intro
Email sent: 22nd April @ 19:01   -   Subject: Sources of finance
Email sent: 29th April @ 12:12   -   Subject: Business investment
Email sent: 6th May @ 7:34   -   Subject: Business Plans
Email sent: 14th May   -   Subject: Business Plans   -   Deadline: Friday 22nd May
Email sent: 19th May @ 1:53   -   Subject: Share project

Computer Science

Email sent: 24th March   -   Subject: Diagnostic Questions   -   Details: Sign up for diagnostic questions website (class codes in email & on MS Teams with chat facility)

Hardware Assignment due 10th April via Teams.

Email sent: 7th May @ 16:56   -   Subject: Logical Operations due 15th May   -   Details: There are 3 videos to watch and then 2 tests to complete on Diagnostic Questions   -   Deadline: 15th May
Email sent: 20th May @ 16:00   -   Subject: Logical Operation Past Paper Questions   -   Deadline: Tuesday 2nd June

Design Technology

Work is being updated and set weekly via google classroom - pupils have been invited to their classroom via their school google email account. If pupils can’t login to their Google accounts, please use the parent pupil helpdesk.


Email sent: 24th March   -   Subject: Book Review


Email sent: 20th April   -   Subject: Work on Google Classroom   -   Detail: Travel and transport modes
Email sent: 24th April @ 09:30   -   Subject: Travel and transport work now available via classroom or email
[Class 10D] Email sent: 29th April @ 07:50   -   Subject:  Local and Regional Features of France and French Speaking countries
[Class 10A] Email sent: 30th April @ 09:25   -   Subject: Travel and Transport work now available via email and Google classroom
[Class 10A] Email sent: 7th May @ 09:20   -   Subject: Travel and transport   -   Details: Work sent via Google classroom and email. 
[Class 10D] Email sent: 13th May @13:15   -   Subject: Work for Mrs Tinkler for 13&14 May now on Google classroom and email. 
[Class 10A] Email sent: 14th May @ 14:30   -   Details: Work sent via email and google classroom - travel and transport
[Class 10A] Email sent: 19th May @ 13:30 -   Subject: Lesson information available via Google classroom and email


Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Geography Work
[Class 10A] Email sent: 20th April @ 10:36   -   Subject: Geography home learning wb 20/4
[Class 10C] Email sent: 20th April @ 22:38   -   Subject: RE: GCSE Geography Work
[Class 10B] Email sent: 21st April @ 13:51    -  Subject: RE: GCSE Geography Work
[Class 10A] Email sent: 27th April @ 14:46   -   Subject: Geography home learning wb 27/4.   -  Deadline: 1st May
[Class 10C] Email sent: 01st May @ 11:01   -   Subject: RE: Home Learning 01/05
[Class 10A] Email sent: 04th May @ 10:00   -   Subject: Geography home learning wb 4/5. Due 8th May


Email sent: 24th March @ 12:06   -   Subject: German Grammar   -   Details: Work through examples and complete exercises from powerpoints in exercise books.  Complete grammar workbooks.   -   Deadline: 31st March.
Email sent: 31st March @ 16:27   -   Subject: German Schools   -   Details: Read German about schools in Germany and complete the comprehension tasks   -   Deadline: 20th April
Email sent: 3rd April @ 11:10   -   Subject: School day   -   Details: Write about your school day.  Compare the school day in Britain and Germany   -   Deadline: 24th April
Email sent: 30th April @ 15:11   -   Subject: GCSE German listening   -  Details: Complete listening past paper   -   Deadline: Friday 8th May
Email sent: 5th May @ 11:57   -   Subject: German Reading Paper   -   Details: Complete Reading paper   -   Deadline: Tuesday 12th May
Email sent: 14th May @ 12:33   -   Subject: School Day    -   Details: Work through Schultag powerpoint    -   Deadline: 21st May
Email sent: 15th May @ 11:22   -    Subject: Timetable    -   Details: Complete worksheet and work through Stundenplan powerpoint   -   Deadline: 22nd May

Health, Social Care & Childcare

Email sent: 24th March   -   Subject: HSC lesson today 24/3/20   -  Details: Complete booklet 1 on what are care values  
Email sent: 26th March @ 09:39   -   Subject: HSC lessons for today and tomorrow 26 and 27/3/20    -  Details:  Empowering - adapting activities, working in partnership
Email sent: 21st April @ 10:08   -   Subject: 10HSC work- 3 lessons 21/4 to 24/4   -   Details: Complete empowering booklet 
Email sent: 27th April @ 10.00   -   Subject: Y10HSC work Monday 27/4 to Friday 1/5   -   Details: Complete 2A.P1 table on Care Values. Table attached.   -   Deadline: 1st May
Email sent: 5th May @ 10.16   -   Subject: 10HSC work for 2 lessons 5th (HD) and 7th (JG) May   -   Details: Read and answer questions on forms of communication. Resources attached.   -   Deadline: 7th May


Students will be emailed work.  Department contact: Mr I. Beck


Primary Contact: Ms Oram (part-time) or Ms Walters (acting Head of Department)

Content and learning materials uploaded to OneDrive and shared with enrolled students.

Email sent: 24th March @ 21:26   -   Subject: ICT Work Week 1   -  Details: Unit 3 theory revision Topics 1 & 2

Brief outline of work: Specifcation and textbook shared.  Complete Topic work for Multimedia which includes starter task, theory notes, questions and exam questions. 

Email sent: 29th March @ 11:44   -   Subject: ICT Work Week 2   -   Details: Unit 3 theory revision Topics 3 & 4
Email sent: 19th April @ 20:29   -  Subject: ICT Work for this week   -   Details: Unit 3 theory revision Topics 5 & 6
Email sent: 3rd May @ 13:58   -   Subject: ICT Work Week 5   -   Details: Unit 3 theory revision Topics 9 & 10
Email sent: 10th May @ 19:55   -   Subject: ICT Work Week 6   -   Details: Unit 3 theory revision Topics 11 & 12
Email sent: 17th May @ 20:08   -   Subject: ICT Work Week 7   -   Details: Unit 1 theory revision Topics 13, 14 &15


Text sent to parents   -   Work has been set via


Email sent: 6th May @ 16:16   -   Subject: GCSE Photography Work - A Reminder   -   Details: Complete whatever elements of your coursework you can do at home.


Email sent  -   Subject: Physics 
Email sent: 18th May @ 09:34 - Subject: Week 7 physics work for 10 O (Mr Birchall) - Educake test


Email sent: 20th April   -   Subject: Intro to Unit 2 -BBC Bitesize (Christianity:Beliefs, Teachings and Practices)
Email sent: 11th May   -   Subject: Week beginning May 4th - BBC Bitesize Unit 2 Christianity revise and test tasks


Email sent: 23rd March   -   Subject: Cymraeg   -  Details: Work through the Grammar PowerPoint and learn the verbs and the major grammar points

Mrs Tyler’s classes: Reading and writing tasks to complete on the theme of ‘Gwaith Rhan Amser’ (Part Time Work)

Email sent: 27th April   -   Subject: Cymraeg   -   Details: Work through the Grammar PowerPoint and learn the verbs and the major grammar points

Mrs Tyler’s classes: Complete work on Powerpoint about ‘the’ ‘and’ and counting.